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032514 js 0617CLRSPRINGFIELD - For some children, everyday is a struggle. For children with myostatic-astatic epilepsy, struggle would be a welcomed pause from the more than 1500 epileptic seizures they experience every day.

Numerous reports from states with more established medical marijuana programs indicate that the medicinal use of marijuana can relax the nervous system and significantly reduce the frequency of these epileptic seizures. 

Senator Bush believes that exploration of medical marijuana as a seizure inhibitor should be continued, which is why she is co-sponsoring a proposal that would include seizures and epilepsy in the list of debilitating medical conditions that qualifies an individual for the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act.

“We heard testimony that medicinally prescribed marijuana lessens the frequency, pain and deterioration that stems from catastrophic seizures,” Bush said. “If this option helps just one person in Illinois, I will consider it a success.” 

A child who experiences over 1,500 seizures every day is seizing once every 15 to 30 seconds.  Individuals with this condition experience significant developmental disabilities as a result of the seizures.

Various studies have found that medical cannabis oil reduces the numbers of seizures experienced by these patients, when ingested orally.  Some patients report that medical marijuana completely eliminated their seizures. 

States such as Colorado and New Jersey have already permitted the use of medical cannabis by children to alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy and legislation similar to the Illinois proposal has recently been introduced in Georgia, Florida, and Ohio.

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