SPRINGFIELD — To put an end to an unavoidable tax that unfairly singles out women, State Sen. Melinda Bush, D-Grayslake, put forth legislation that would end the tax on feminine hygienic products like tampons.

“Items like tampons and sanitary napkins are taxed as luxury items, but all women know that periods are not a luxury,” Bush said. “We always talk about making frugal financial decisions, but this ‘pink tax’ unfairly targets women for a product they are literally biologically incapable of avoiding.”

The proposal, which a Senate committee approved today, would also repeal taxes on adult diapers. Illinoisans spend an estimated $14.7 million annually on the products affected by the proposal, according to the Illinois Committee on Government Forecasting and Accountability.

The legislation is Senate Bill 2746. It moves to the full Senate for consideration.

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SPRINGFIELD — The state’s college students face a dire situation if the Illinois House and Governor Bruce Rauner do not follow through on the Senate’s passage of grant funding, State Sen. Melinda Bush said Wednesday after voting to override the governor’s veto.

“For nearly a year, students who have the grades and aptitude to succeed but not the money to afford their education have wondered if they’ll be able to continue their studies,” said Bush, D-Grayslake. “These are students who are going to school already with the promise of MAP grants. If we don't authorize this funding, they may need to go home.”

Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed Senate Bill 2043 last month, denying the funds to students. The Illinois Senate voted to override the veto 37-17 today. The legislation must receive a three-fifths supermajority vote in the Illinois House to overcome the governor’s veto.

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GRAYSLAKE — State Sen. Melinda Bush, D-Grayslake, issued the following statement on news Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed Monetary Award Program grant funding this afternoon.

“It is unconscionable that the governor continues to hold hostage the futures of college students who now need to weigh whether or not to drop out of school,” Bush said. “Today has set a horrible example to every student who has been told to work hard and achieve, even though their family may struggle financially.”

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Senator Melinda BushSPRINGFIELD — State Sen. Melinda Bush, D-Grayslake, issued the following statement after Gov. Bruce Rauner’s budget address in Springfield Wednesday.

"Governor Rauner has said that this 'isn't really about the budget, and I disagree," Bush said.  "A long-term, partisan agenda does nothing for the charities that are closing or the college students that are dropping out because of a lack of grants. These people need a real, balanced budget proposal, right now. Whether it happens via the line item veto authority the Governor already has, or via good faith negotiation between the Governor and legislative leaders, it needs to happen immediately."

Bush also commended the Governor on his pledge to more fully fund education.

"I am ready to work with the Governor on fully funding education in Illinois," Bush said. "The Governor has a true opportunity to begin working with us this year, but I'd like to see a plan that doesn't just put more money into an inequitable system – Illinois children deserve a quality education regardless of their ZIP code."


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